What to Expect When you are Expecting…

baby goats and lambs

February 5, 2022 (Saturday) 9:00am-5:00pm

Everything you need to know to take care of the pregnant sheep or goat during the last trimester. How to see the signs of labor. How to assist in delivery. What items to pack in a kit for labor and delivery. Care after delivery for baby and mama. How to care for bottle babies. What you need to care for orphaned lambs or baby goats. This class will prepare you for volunteering on this farm during the ‘lambing and kidding season as well as opportunities for fostering and possibly purchasing baby goats and lambs. This is the most popular class of the year!

And there is more!!! This will be a bonus day featuring 2 great learning opportunities!

The second topic of the day will be presented alongside SC Foraging and Grazing Lands Coalition

Good forage is essential to the good health of all livestock – and especially pregnant and nursing ewes and newly weaned lambs. Learn about what to plant and when.

Watch this great video from South Carolina ETV that was made during lambing season!

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