Goat Breeds

Saanen and Mini Saanen
Nubian and Mini Nubian
Nigerian Dwarf

Our goats range from unique purebred to pet quality.

Why get a goat?

Some people want to acquire goats as companions for the family, or for a pasture that has become overrun with weeds, but we're seeing a movement for people to start raising their own food- Dairy is a big part of the grocery bill for young families and farm fresh is the 'in' thing! The health benefits of knowing what's really in what you and your kids are consuming is a huge benefit. In addition,  the animal element is a calming agent as is the work around animals and farm life. It's a real positive for children to work outside and with animals! we all can enjoy being outside and doing physical activities!

Many people sell sheep and goats on the internet, but we stay the course- teaching, following up and being available for questions well after the animals leave our property. If you invest in sheep or goats with us, we want you and the animals to prosper and will help you to do it.

Saanen doe with triplets


Saanen goats have the most milk, lower fat count and longest lactation cycle. They're excellent moms, full of personalities but fairly quiet compared to some of the noisier breeds! They look like white angels!







Nubian dairy goats have long pendulous ears, they're sweet, full of personality and comical! They have amazing milk with excellent components for cheese making!









The Snubian is a cross from a Saanen and a Nubian. This is the best of both worlds for a big milk volume producer with extra butterfat for a better yield in cheese making.  They're usually colorful with airplane ears!







Mini-Saanen and Mini-Nubian
The idea of mini is relatively new, with a smaller size animal, the feed/milk ratio is unbelievable. Availability is limited.






Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a small fun loving breed that make great pets and are also a dairy breed!  While they are milk producers, they have the shortest lactation cycle and their milk production is very limited (16 ounces). Because of their short legs, milking can be quite challenging for little return. If you're starting into goat ownership and have children or don't want to deal with large goats, these can be a good choice! They're usually very colorful and some have crystal blue eyes! However, if you are a homesteader and/or are more interested in a milker, they might not be the breed for you.



Once you get started enjoying your own fresh milk at home and making cheese, yogurt and Kefir, you will want more goats and more milk! It's healthy and a great way to raise your family! We offer classes and mentor you along the way!

As for the milk that comes from a goat, any mammal can survive on goats milk. We have goats for sale now!! text Debbie for current availability and prices- 864-360-3222