Livestock for Sale


It's that time of the year!
Baby goats and lambs abound!!!!
Now is the time to make your selections to add to your flock or to start your own family farm.

Imagine having your own fresh milk, cheese, yogurt!
Come to the farm to volunteer, to learn how to milk, make cheese, provide healthy food and how to care for your own flock.

Individuals Sales or Starter Flocks – We will help you make the best selections for your farm and family. East Friesian or Tunis sheep, Saanen,Nubian or Nigerian Dwarf goats are some of the breeds we have at Whispering Pines. All of our livestock are healthy, high quality, loved and well cared for. We want the best fit for you and for them.

They need to go in at least pairs. They don’t do well isolated. If you decide you want to purchase some sheep or goats from us, we will make sure you have all the information, equipment and mentoring you need to be successful.

Visit our Sheep and Goats pages for more information on our breeds.

Call for pricing and to secure your choice.

(864) 360-3222

Some of the 2022 babies...

Maggie Webster - 1F1757E5-51FE-4D22-96D2-D25711194FBE
Maggie Webster - 3F45DFEC-948C-4CB3-BCAD-BB8EB0691DCF
Maggie Webster - 79E475D8-E6C9-42A8-96C2-D8D79E22ECE9
Maggie Webster - 706A7AAE-A1C0-44D6-A8FE-449960A8405D
Maggie Webster - A12BAC0C-B231-4554-99FA-B51DA6A29A23
Maggie Webster - A511DF50-77CF-4078-B3CC-A227F8C33BFA
Maggie Webster - A7601BD1-90C8-491D-9175-0416A7339097
Maggie Webster - AAA044F6-A961-4BA0-B624-BB17B024CFCB
Maggie Webster - D45806C7-24A0-4862-9D7C-8B734BFFE5C5
Maggie Webster - DD984465-E489-4ED9-A1D1-108C090B24AD
Maggie Webster - E4CDA803-36B1-453D-8C0F-CBE26143D282
Maggie Webster - E40C2317-9B49-4C14-A4D6-003F6F8723A5
Maggie Webster - EE3EA331-F869-4209-A91C-35B16F429745
Maggie Webster - F20FB007-773F-41B7-B30E-11D39023208E
Maggie Webster - FA1CEE84-DBA1-4056-9DC4-02D998AEF22F
Maggie Webster - AC776905-9F6F-4CD4-BC85-5C8A8AB2E125