The sheep breeds found at Whispering Pines include East Friesian and Tunis. Read below for information on each breed.

Our sheep are high quality, well handled and registered show stock. Sheep have 3 main divisions or uses. Most people think of the meat, some think of wool (or fiber) uses, but few know about the incredible dairy ability that some sheep possess.

Our main breed is the East Fresian Dairy sheep, which is by far the greatest milk producer in the sheep industry and their wool has all kinds of uses as well. We're in our 7th generation of selective breeding to produce hardy dairy sheep with exceptional milk components for cheese making, larger teat diameter, length and orifice as well as improved teat placement for ease of hand milking for starter dairies and homesteaders as well better udder attachment for longevity in cycle and herd. As we've continued our breeding program and needed out cross rams, added genetics from Laucaune, Awassi and Assaf which can help with parasite resistance and richer components in the milk.

Our second division is our Registered Tunis sheep< which is an American Heritage breed, known for their quality fleeces as well as their world acclaimed lambs. This breed of sheep is the easiest to manage because of its parasite resistance, gentle nature and overall vigor. These sheep have a good tolerance to the hot summers in South Carolina. Sheep can help keep a pasture clean and they don’t have the tendency to climb on structures as much as goats.

Most lambs are born in the spring of the year. If you’re interested in starting with sheep, we recommend that you begin by getting a few lambs. You will need to get your deposits in early- before the lambs are born. Its a first-come basis. Baby Lambs and a few ewes in Milk may be available this spring. text Debbie for prices and availability- 864-360-3222.

Last year, we started 18 new producers in 5 states! we sold over 100 sheep and lambs!! We have mentoring as long as you need help!


Originating in the Friesland area in northern Germany and Holland, this breed was introduced into the U.S. in 1990’s. Since then, because of their high milk yield, they are the breed of choice for commercial milkers as well as the choice for smaller family farms.

Sheep milk and milk products are consumed around the world. The milk is more nutrient-rich than cow or goat milk. It has double the protein, more of the right kind of fats, more essential vitamins, and folic acid. The milk is naturally homogenized, meaning smaller fat globules, and is easy to digest.

Some of the most popular cheeses made from sheep milk include Manchego, Roquefort, Pecorino, and Feta.

Sheep milk products may be purchased from Whispering Pines Farm

  • Seasonal varieties of soft spread cheese include pumpkin spice, garlic herb, and many other favorites
  • Manchego style, Pecorino and Feta as well as artisan cheese specialties
  • Kefir and Yogurt
  • Livestock available for purchase



This American Heritage breed is easily recognized for their reddish-brown legs and faces. Descended from fat-tailed sheep of Northern Africa and the Middle East, their history spans thousands of years.

These ‘red-heads’ were introduced into the U.S. early in our history and were owned by such founding fathers as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

They became increasingly popular in the 1800’s, providing both high quality wool and exceptionally flavorful lamb and mutton. However, with the onset and duration of the Civil War, the Tunis sheep population was nearly wiped out. A South Carolina farmer hid the last remaining flock of the American Tunis sheep along the Congaree River and the breed slowly regained numbers and popularity after the war.

Tunis sheep wool is known for its durability and comfort next to the skin, making it ideal for clothing and blankets.


Products available from Whispering Pines Farm include:

  • A selection of meat in a variety of cuts, as well as sausage.
  • Wool products including blankets and yarn.
  • Our Tunis also contribute to our sheep milk production resulting in award-winning cheeses.
  • Livestock available for purchase


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